Hiring successfully for Medical Science Liaison, Medical Affairs, or Clinical Development positions requires highly specialized scientific knowledge, interpersonal skills, and industry understanding. 

This combination makes the hiring process for these positions very complex. 

This is where the role of a recruiter with a scientific background becomes invaluable. Here are key reasons that pharmaceutical companies should leverage the expertise of scientifically inclined recruiters.

Specialized Industry Knowledge

As recruiters we are very skilled at matching candidates with job descriptions across a wide range of roles. However, positions such as the MSL and other scientific roles are highly specialized, requiring a deep understanding of both the science and business aspects of the hiring process. 

This specialized knowledge requires the specific and niched vetting of candidates who fulfill the “needle in a haystack” job requirements. 

Thorough evaluation of a candidate’s ability to interpret scientific data and translate it into actionable business strategies is a key requirement in the candidate qualification process.

Saved Time & Increased Efficiency

The process of hiring can be time-consuming, especially for specialized roles within Medical Affairs and Clinical Development. 

A recruiter with a scientific background can streamline the process by understanding the specific requirements of the role as well as the specific capabilities of the candidate. This saves human resources and hiring managers valuable time, allowing more work hours to focus on other strategic aspects and responsibilities.

Trained and Vetted Candidates

Scientific recruiters ensure all eligible candidates are vetted and properly trained for science-based roles. 

This ensures that only the most qualified candidates are presented to hiring managers, reducing the chances of a hire that doesn’t fit your team.

Industry Insights and Trends

Recruiters with a scientific background often have a deep understanding of the pharmaceutical industry’s landscape. We are aware of the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities. 

Our candidates are not only qualified but also prepared to navigate the ever-evolving pharmaceutical industry.

Finding the Needle in the Haystack

We all want the best talent on our team. The cost of making the wrong hiring decision is significant.

That’s exactly why at PharmacoTalent we use our scientific expertise to connect with, qualify and train only the top performing candidates.

We’re here to meet the long-term needs of your organization and build winning teams.

If you are looking for top-tier candidates for MSL, Medical Affairs, Clinical Development, Health-Economics Outcomes Research and more, PharmacoTalent can connect you with experienced, vetted and fully trained candidates.

Contact us here to discuss your company’s scientific needs.